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Ways to Win with V1 Game: How Webb Simpson Won RBC Heritage

Ways to Win with V1 Game: How Webb Simpson Won RBC Heritage

We used V1 Game to analyze how Webb Simpson won this week’s PGA TOUR event at Harbor Town

In the series, “Ways to Win,” we manually track PGA Tour winner’s rounds using V1 Game and then analyze how they got the job done using the same tools available to our users. Download V1 Game today and get tour level analysis of your golf game.

A wild Sunday at Harbor Town led to a thrilling finish where at one point as many as five players had a share of the lead. After weather delays, rounds got started up in a hurry to try to beat darkness, just getting the tournament in before nightfall. In the end it was Webb Simpson who was able to get the job done and don the plaid jacket on Father’s Day.

Looking at his scorecard above for the final round, Simpson played solid all day with no blemishes. However, he really turned it up after the weather delay with exceptional ball striking and a putter that woke up. He birdied 5 of his last 7 holes and gained 3 strokes with the putter on the back 9 alone! In the V1 Game heatmap, it looks as if he struggled on the front nine, but that is just because his back nine was so good. The green highlights the areas where he excelled.

Strokes Gained By Round

Further diving into Simpson’s performance using V1 Game, Webb excelled in different ways each round of the tournament, saving the best for last.  In round 1, his well rounded game led to gaining 5.2 strokes on the average tour pro.

In round 2, he actually lost strokes in every area except putting where he gained over 6 strokes! Another well rounded performance in round 3 was held back by poor putting for Simpson’s standards.

Finally, in the final round when it mattered, Simpson separated himself with exceptional approach play.

What Can We Learn?

What can we learn from Simpson’s performance? Even the pros show some inconsistency from day to day. Simpson was able to lean on the part of his game that was strongest each day to scratch out a score. Secondly, putting is a more difficult portion of the game to lean on as it can fluctuate heavily from day to day. But solid ball striking always gains strokes.

Looking at the round summary from Simpson’s final round reveals that he truly maximized his potential.

Three Keys

Simpson avoided errors in any of the 3 keys (3 putts, 2 chips, and penalties). This was essential to keeping a clean scorecard. He hit 15/18 greens and only 7/14 fairways. Harbor Town was not incredibly penal from the rough this year, but it does point out that traditional stats such as fairways do not necessarily translate to the quality of driving. Strokes Gained is a much better measure of driving performance.

Contrasting the final round with his second round really highlights the different ways to get it done as he shot almost the same score in wildly different ways. In the end, it was another week where ‘bombers’ weren’t able to dominate the field. This is expected as Colonial Country Club and Harbor Town are known as more ‘shot makers’ courses that are difficult to overpower from the tee box. Webb Simpson played to his strengths found a way to win.

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