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Tom Saguto Shares “The Greatest Swing Tip of All Time”

Tom Saguto Shares “The Greatest Swing Tip of All Time”

Pro Tip Tuesday Featuring Tom Saguto

No need to look for understated modesty in the titles of Tom Saguto’s golf instruction videos on Youtube. They’re brash, bold and funny- a little like the Pawleys Island, South Carolina-based teaching pro, himself. “The Single Most Important Contact Tip in Golf History,” “If You’re Not ‘More In,’ You’re a Moron,” “A Sledgehammer Can Teach You Everything About the Golf Swing” and “I Am Fixing Tom Brady’s Golf Swing.” Yep. He puts it right out there. And, to his credit, he’s finding success and reaching an ever-growing audience who value his fresh approach and “body-friendly” method of swinging the golf club. 

Saguto, founder of Saguto Golf and the bursting-in-popularity Saguto Golf Youtube Channel and online academy, has grown his online following to more than 44,000 and has hundreds of devoted students following his online curriculum for improvement. What comes through in his overflowing wealth of content is that he genuinely wants his students to improve and will spare no effort in his high-energy video lessons to illustrate how achievable a repeatable, solid swing can be. 

Enjoy this Q&A with Saguto as he reveals what he thinks is The Greatest Swing Tip of All Time.

Q&A with Tom Saguto


It’s quite simple and it will cause your golf swing to happen naturally without very little thought. This swing tip was featured in a Golf Digest article highlighting Arnold Palmer’s best golf tips. This was one of his favorite tips – “point the lead shoulder at the ball.” That’s it. That’s all you need to have a fantastic, powerfully consistent swing.

How is all of this possible in just one swing thought?

1. Pointing the lead shoulder at the ball maintains your body’s relationship to the golf ball throughout the swing, leading to crispy clean, contact and finding the center of the clubface consistently.

2. As you do this, your hips turn naturally turn (powered by the turning of the torso), creating an effortless power source.

3. You stay centered over the ball for clean contact shot-after-shot. You’ll notice that this swing thought eliminates swaying and shifting off of the golf ball, leading to “your best contact ever.”

4. The Backswing – the club will trace the proper swing path leading to an efficient and simple one-plane swinging motion.

5. The Downswing – the club naturally reacts to the turning of the torso and travels on the proper path into the ball, instead of chopping at it and swinging over the top. This swing thought can eliminate a ton of swing flaws and problems if you allow it to do the work.

This tip seems way too good to be true – is there a catch?

No. However, like all good things, you must do some work up front to get this thought to perform correctly every single time. You have to master the 3 PREREQUISITES that I discuss in this video episode. They will help you master this tip and ensure that your swing repeats all day long.

How can you identify this tip in action using the V1 Golf App?

To ensure that you’re properly implementing this tip, draw a line on your spine and also a line perpendicular to it (make sure that the perpendicular line is on your shoulders). Your shoulders need to turn 90 degrees to your spine. The feeling of “point your lead shoulder at the ball” is designed to help you accomplish this. When you reach the top of your backswing, your shoulders should match the shoulder angle that you established at address. (see photos below):

Do you want to wear out the sweet spot on the center of your clubface like in that photo? Arnold Palmer’s one swing thought can help make your swing more powerful, simple and body-friendly. By taking this tip from one of the greatest golfers of all time, you can begin hitting the golf ball extremely solid with more yardage and more fun on the course!

NOTE: OK, so, for years, editors and producers have been telling golf instructors viewers online won’t watch a video tip that’s much longer than 90 seconds to two minutes. Three minutes, they’ll warn, is the far end of that ocean. Saguto, however, must have a little honey badger DNA because, when it comes to the length of his lesson videos, Saguto don’t care. “THE BEST GOLF SWING TIP OF ALL TIME” clocks in at 16:53, so lengthy that he’s included this chapter guide with time codes to help viewers enjoy the content at their own pace:


1. Introduction to this Awesome Golf Tip – 2:06

2. The SWING THOUGHT – 2:48

3. Prerequisite #1 – 4:05

4. Prerequisite #2 – 5:12

5. Prerequisite #3 – 6:44

6. THE TIP – In Arnie’s words – 8:08

7. Implementing THE BEST GOLF SWING TIP OF ALL TIME – 8:40

8. The Downswing 10:25

9. Tom’s Experience with this Golf Tip 13:15

10. BONUS TIP – 14:57

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