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Take a Lesson from Teacher to the Pros, California’s Mike Schy

Take a Lesson from Teacher to the Pros, California’s Mike Schy

Do you ever see professional players with their coaches on the range at PGA TOUR events and wonder what a lesson from a leading teaching pro could do for YOUR game? Now, with V1 Marketplace, you can easily access and learn from some of the most popular and top-rated teachers in the game today.

It’s as simple as clicking on the teaching pro of your choice from V1 Marketplace’s growing list of PGA teaching professionals then selecting the lesson plan with that pro that works for you. Before long, you’ll be sending a top teacher your swing videos and receiving expert feedback, lessons and drills to improve golf swing. 

One of the most intriguing teaching pros currently on V1 Marketplace is longtime V1 Pro user Mike Schy, founder and director of Madera, California’s Golf Performance Institute and personal coach of five-time winner on the PGA TOUR, Bryson DeChambeau, who currently leads the Tour in driving distance and ranks fifth in scoring average. Schy’s work with the former U.S. Amateur and NCAA Men’s Individual champion goes back to early in Dechambeau’s playing career, so he’s seen Bryson’s transition to single-length irons, larger grips and a host of atypical adjustments that have contributed to the young pro’s success.

Schy’s Golf Performance Institute is known for helping develop top junior, amateur and professional players under Schy’s expert tutelage. On a given day, you might see a PGA tour winner, All-American college star or an aspiring Junior Champion hanging out and learning with Schy and his staff.

“When you learn from me, you are learning from someone who can combine a very sophisticated understanding of the complexities of the golf swing, with a teaching style and communication skills that will allow you to understand, simply and plainly, how you can consistently hit golf shots that are straight and true,” says Schy , whose history in the game traces back to his own decorated junior and amateur career. “I will focus on you and your level of expertise and understanding, and will work with you to bring out the very best.”

A strong proponent of physical feedback during lessons and practice, Schy incorporates training aids like the Dream Swing and the RoboGolfPro which physically guides golfers through the motion and feeling of making a great swing that properly fits their body type and natural abilities. A proponent of Homer Kelly’s respected instructional book, The Golfing Machine, Schy prides himself on taking detailed concepts and relaying them to students in a way that is simple, functional and repeatable.

“Every good golf swing has its own style and is unique, but all good golf swings have a number of things in common,” Schy says.

During his more than three decades as a teacher, Schy’s full swing, club fitting, putting and green reading techniques, and philosophy has been sought after all over the world culminating at the 2012 World Golf Conference where he was a keynote speaker and presenter in Barcelona, Spain. Other teaching pros frequently visit Schy to glean from his knowledge of cutting-edge of technology and pursuit of innovative ways to bring new golfers to the game. Developing the games of the aspiring junior, amateur and professional are mainstays of Golf Performance Instititute’s mission.

Schy is also a teacher of Vector Putting and teaches an Art of Putting course which helps golfers develop better skills at “knowing how the putt curves into the hole (break), how the ball rolls into the hole ( Terminal Velocity) and how to execute a very simple stroke.”

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