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See Your Golf Round’s Story with V1 Game’s Scorecard Heatmap

See Your Golf Round’s Story with V1 Game’s Scorecard Heatmap

To misquote Tin Cup…

How did a legendary ball striker such as yourself manage to make a 10 on the 18th hole?”

“Well I missed a 6-footer for a 9.”

They say there are no pictures on the scorecard… A classic golf-ism, but why not? Often times the final score doesn’t quite tell the story of how the round or hole was played. With V1 Gamewe aim to fix that.

Since making a 10 footer to save bogey after a bad break feels different than wasting a smoked tee shot in the middle of the fairway with a chunked wedge… we feel the scorecard should reflect those differences. Thats why we’ve come up with the scorecard heatmap.

Clicking on the “Strokes Gained” button in the scorecard view enables the Strokes Gained Heatmap. The heatmap takes your quality of play in each key area and color codes the performance. That way you can quickly see in which areas you excelled or struggled throughout a round.

Did you fade down the stretch as you ran out of energy? Or did you turn it up at the right time to claim your first PGA Tour victory such as in Jon Rahm’s scorecard above? Heat map tells you all of this at a glance while accumulating your overall strokes gained performance as well.

But a simple heatmap wasn’t enough… Ever look at a scorecard after a round and wonder “How in the world did I make a 10 on a par 5?!” Our new hole map option lets you quickly review the shots you hit by tapping on the hole number.

A map view pops up on the left to show you the hole as it was played. This can also be used mid-round to preview upcoming holes and get mentally prepared.

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