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Pro Tip Tuesday Featuring Pro Instructor Brian Mogg

Pro Tip Tuesday Featuring Pro Instructor Brian Mogg

Find the Bottom of Your Swing Arc

with Brian Mogg

Golf instructor, Brian Mogg, goes through a golf tip and drill for golfers to find the bottom of their golf swing arc to help with both the driver and wedge. To understand what needs to happen to fix any issues with either your driver or your wedge, first you need to understand where the bottom of your swing lies. Finding the bottom of the arc in the golf swing can be easily found using the golf swing analysis software and app with V1 Sports.

One of the most prolific, and globally-minded, instructors in the golf industry, Brian Mogg was coached by legendary teacher David Leadbetter during his professional golf career and eventually joined the Leadbetter Academy as a teacher in 1993. By 1997, he was the Academy’s director of instruction and in 2002, he founded the first Brian Mogg Golf Academy in Orlando, FL. Today, Mogg oversees an expert instruction staff with Academy locations in Florida, Washington, Ontario and South Korea.

If you’d like to learn more about, and from, Brian Mogg, visit his website here.

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